BGIS 2021 Winner to Directly Qualify for PMGC Finals 2021

At the end of November, the organizers of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 revealed that a special direct invite had been reserved for an Indian team. At the time, it was speculated that the slot could go to the winners of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021.

As expected, before the PMGC League Finals, PUBG Mobile revealed that the champions of BGIS 2021 will receive a direct invitation to compete in the PMGC Finals.

The tournament has a total prize pool of $3,490,000 USD, scheduled to take place from 21st to 23rd January and will see an Indian team as part of the world championship.

The champions of BGIS 2021 will directly qualify for the PMGC 2021 Finals

PMGC 2021 will have 16 teams competing in it from 30 teamsorder November 2021 to 23rd January 2022 through three different phases. Nine teams will qualify for the eastern PMGC, six will qualify from the western PMGC and a single Indian team will be invited to the tournament.

This invited team will be the winning team of the currently ongoing BGIS 2021. The main event with a total prize pool of 1,00,00,000 INR ($133,015) will take place from the 13thorder up to 16order January 2022.

Between 2nd up to 12order December 2021 KRAFTON held an official scripting session for some of the invited teams, called ‘BGIS 2021: The Grind’, with a total prize pool of 2,00,000 INR ($2,660 USD). The event was won by Team XO, a really strong looking team and one of the top BGMI teams from India.

PMGC 2021 is divided into three phases scheduled to take place from 30order November 2021 to 23rd January 2022. The complete tournament structure is as follows,

  • First Stage – PMGC 2021 Tournament | 30order November to 19order December 2021

  • Phase Two – PMGC Federation Finals 2021 | 22nd up to 24order December 2021

  • Phase 3 – PMGC 2021 Final Round | 21st to 23rd January 2022

PUBG Mobile allowing an Indian team to participate in the global championship is a step forward for India’s competitive BGMI scene. India’s competitive circuit when it comes to PUBG has gone into a rather downward spiral since the game was banned in the country in September 2020. Things are expected and hoped, as we move towards 2022, more BGMI teams have the chance to compete with international teams in different PUBG Mobile tournaments.

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