Britney Spears has so much to celebrate from her 40th trip around the Sun

On this day, the 40th anniversary of Britney SpearsOur lives have many things to be grateful for. Spears is released from her conservatorship. One of her favorite seasons, the holiday season, has arrived. It’s her birthday and she can go to the places she likes with the person she likes.

Sam Asghari, the star’s fiancé, took her somewhere far away. The location is unknown but where it is, there are fireworks and cake, according to Asghari’s Instagrams. “I call you Lion because I admire your unwavering strength, I am inspired by your beautiful heart, I honor your smile that lit up my world,” Asghari wrote. in the annotation. “Every day is your birthday, my queen… Happy 1st birthday to my wife.” (Obviously they’re not married yet, but here’s his hilarious nickname for her, explaining TMZ.)

Well, to hit that particular milestone – 40 years young – is reason enough to be grateful. On the one hand, what does even time mean? It’s all relative anyway, just an arbitrary marker in a flexible world. And on the other hand, it’s been almost half a century of trying, succeeding, getting up, failing, trying again, learning to speak, figuring out what you want and how to get it, and also going to Maui to go rest. There’s a lot to celebrate here.

And speaking of arbitrary markers in time, meanwhile, in an alternate universe somewhere, Spears and Prince William have met at some point in the past 30 years. According to biographer Christopher Andersen, the couple exchanged emails in what Anderson fondly called a “cyber” relationship and may have had a phone conversation or two, but the potential relationship never materialized within world without internet.

While all of this might be creative fantasy befitting a Netflix holiday movie that’s getting the green light right now… now, Our weekly points to some supporting evidence. In a 2002 interview, when Spears was 20 and William was 19, she told Britain’s ITV1 Frank Skinner Show that the two “exchanged a little email” and that he was also supposed to “come see me somewhere but it didn’t work out.” The year 2002 was notable for the time of the infamous charity fashion show in St. Andrews, where Kate Middleton supposedly caught the eye of her future husband.

Oh, the worlds could be on different timelines!

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