Ed Sheeran Nearly Killed Elton John While Filming ‘Merry Christmas’

Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for EJAF

Ed Sheeran almost fictitious violence on Game of Thrones and have almost brought some to real life recently.

We were before mention The acclaimed musician’s recent collaboration with the legendary Elton John on a song called Merry Christmas and now Sheeran is revealing the secret from the song’s music video. Apparently, he nearly killed the “Saturday Night Stable to Fight” scammer with a bell, despite not actually intending to do so.

“Oh man, I dress up as a sexy Santa and I throw presents, but the gift has a big metal bell on it,” he told me. Apple Music. “I see [John] its shot today because we slowed it down and the bell flew over his head and was going to break him in the head. Terror passed through my body. ”

Thankfully, all went well and John is still with us today for the remainder of his planned retirement tour. At the same time, this isn’t the first time a famous musician has nearly killed another. Decades ago, Elvis gave Alice Cooper opportunity to kill him with a gun to the head. Cooper considered pulling the trigger to do something “legendary” with his life, but before he could, the so-called king of rock and roll knocked it over and knocked Cooper down to show his skill. his karate.

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