Matrix Resurrections: Is the original Morpheus dead?

Matrix Recovery takes place after the events of the original trilogy, in which protagonist Morpheus helps protect humanity’s last city from machines. He survived that fight and a lot of fans can look forward to seeing him, played by Laurence Fishburne, appear in The Matrix 4. For those who’ve seen the movie or want to dig deep. than damaged, here’s a breakdown of whether the original Morpheus died in Matrix Resurrections and, if so, how he died.

Did the original Morpheus die in Matrix Resurrections?

Yes, it is possible that the original Morpheus died in Matrix Resurrections.

With the Matrix Online game in which Morpheus dies is considered canon, which means he died in Matrix Resurrections.

Although his death is not explicitly mentioned, a statue of Morpheus was originally displayed during Neo’s visit to Io.

Even if Morpheus’ death in Matrix Online is not considered official, 60 years have passed since the events of Matrix Revolutions. Although Niobe survived and attained the rank of General, Morpheus may have died of illness or old age.

A statue of Morpheus is displayed in one of the rooms in Io, where many other dead have been laid to rest. This shows that Morpheus is also dead.

How did the original Morpheus die in Matrix Resurrections?

Morpheus died in Matrix Resurrections because he died in the game Matrix Online, which is considered canon.

While many people won’t play the game Matrix Online, the creators of The Matrix have confirmed that it is a mainstream game.

Morpheus died at the hands of an assassin who ambushed Morpheus while he was hiding from a treatment facility. He died of a single shot.

In other news, The Matrix Resurrections has an actual The Game Awards trophy. This is the whole story.

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