One of the World’s Deadliest Snakes Found in Brickyard 4,000 Miles From Home

A shipment of bricks that came in from Pakistan and arrived in Manchester, England, contained a stowaway saw-scaled viper—one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

Officials from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) said in a press release sent to Newsweek that there are several species of the saw-scaled viper, and they are typically found in Asia. Although they are small, these snakes are extremely venomous.

RSPCA officials said workers at Manchester Brick Specialist in Salford recently saw the snake in a container of bricks, which was shipped last month. Staff members were able to identify the snake, but even they were doubtful at first.

« The report came to us that a saw-scaled viper had been spotted but I was a bit skeptical, » RSPCA Inspector Ryan King said in a press statement. « Sometimes we get to jobs like this and it turns out to be a harmless grass snake—we have even attended snake reports which turn out to be plastic toys. »

Upon his arrival, King said one look at the viper confirmed that he was dealing with a deadly reptile.

The venomous snake had been contained in a cardboard box by Manchester Brick Specialist’s staff. In full protective clothing, King placed the snake into a secure bag. It was then taken to an establishment that cares for venomous reptiles.

A photo of the saw-scaled viper when it was contained in a cardboard box at the brickyard.
Photo Courtesy of RSPCA

« I just think it was so lucky that they had spotted the snake—they are very small and it could have easily bitten someone and it seems he has been in the brickyard for about a month, » King said.

He noted that anti-venom, though available in the countries where the saw-scale viper inhabits, doesn’t always save the victim.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, adult saw-scaled vipers measure between 1 to 3 feet long.

« Saw-scaled vipers are small, but their irritability, aggressive nature, and lethal venom make them very dangerous, » the Britannica article read. « When alarmed, saw-scaled vipers will move slowly with the body looped into S-shaped folds. »

It further stated that the snake is « quick to strike » and « mortality rates for those bitten are high. »

Shipped 4,000 miles from its home, the logistics manager for Manchester Brick Specialist, Michael Regan, said the container was sent out in early November.

« It seems amazing that the snake has survived for seven weeks away from its natural environment but I am glad it is now safe in a new home, » Regan said in a press statement.

Newsweek previously reported that another venomous snake appeared somewhere it did not belong.

Hiding beneath bales of hay at a school in Australia was a venomous red-bellied snake. Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 is seen on video slowly combing through the hay before he found the snake.

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