‘The Silent Sea’ Seeing ‘Squid Fishing Game’ Cast for a Spooky Space Thriller

Serene is the story of a group of astronauts sent to an abandoned off-world outpost filled with fluorescent lights and white and gray decor, with dark, damp corridors and navigable vents. . At this station, the travelers find a lone resident who may want one of them to be their surrogate mother, and they eventually learn that their mission is not what it first appears, thanks to the ulterior motives of their bigwig bosses. Of course, there is also an extraterrestrial threat that threatens to destroy them all, as well as the entire population of Earth, if it manages to make the journey home with them. All of that speaks for itself, while it could nominally be based on his 2014 short film. Peaceful sea, Choi Hang-yong’s eight-episode Netflix series (December 24) is the latest descendant of By James Cameron classic sci-fi Alien.

There is a modern twist to Serene sets it apart from Cameron’s illustrious 1986 sequel. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t make up for the already-here-there nature of Choi’s story, which sticks to such a familiar routine that it never creates suspense. serious. It’s not for lack of trying; Aesthetically polished and marked by stellar performances from the cast by Train to BusanGong Yoo and Sense8 star Bae Doona, it’s the latest Korean streaming import watchable after recent highlights Squid fishing game, Dr. Brain and Hell is bound. However, what it boasts is the level of formality it lacks in real novelty or fun, making it the sort of ho-hum genre endeavor that people without in-depth knowledge of. more complete ancestral identity that it freely borrows.

Choi’s series is set in a future plagued by extreme climate change that leads to soaring temperatures, rampant wildfires, skyrocketing infant mortality rates, constant illness, and – most catastrophically – record low rainfall created the Great Drought. In response to this arid new reality, the Korean government instituted the Fair Water Distribution Act, which assigns each resident a classification to determine how much water they receive. While protesting against this unequal system, most stood in long lines at water pumps, where they could refill their dim portable storage tanks. However, with the supply dwindling, the Earth stands on the verge of collapse, which is clearly why Korea established the Balhae station on the moon.

Five years before the events of Serene, a mysterious disaster occurred at Balhae, resulting in the deaths of all 117 employees. However, by orders of superiors — including Squid fishing game‘S Heo Sung-tae — a team is sent to Balhae to recover the mysterious specimens left behind. That team is led by military man Han Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo) and astrophysicist Dr. Song Ji-an (Bae Doona), as well as a collection of pilots and prototyping experts who have Main job is to provide comic relief. , causing trouble through irrational and treacherous behavior, and/or discouraging the dangers present at Balhae. Without helping them one way, Park Eun-kyo’s script describes each character – or each character – in the most frank terms, so Han is immediately greeted as “the famous elite soldier of military” and Song was derided as “clever, boring, conceited, and conceited. ”

Han and Song are at first at odds, as he just wants to complete their mission and she’s more interested in finding out what happened 5 years ago. As it turned out, both of those goals were related to the patterns the squad was tasked with finding. Their task was more difficult than expected, as three of the facility’s archives had been emptied, and all records of their contents deleted. What they do in the first place, however, is a pile of corpses, whose ribbed skin and mouth foaming at the mouth suggest an inevitable, if puzzling, situation: everyone in Balhae appears to be dead weak.

Serene trying to keep things tense through intermittent showers, from the crew struggling to get off the crashed ship before it plunges into a bottomless canyon, to Han venturing down a dangerous ladder to repair Balhae’s communication link with Earth. It also sometimes dramatizes drowning through slow-motion images of individuals submerged in the pitch-black ocean – a sight that is immediately offensive and, because of the show’s premise, also a little gentle. However, no directorial ingenuity can make up for the blandness of the action, nor the clarity of the mystery, which soon revolves around the Han, Song, and search company samples containing moon water with fearsome breeding properties. Equally troubling is that a shadowy intruder moves around the station at superhuman speed through a network of ventilation shafts, suggesting that they are extremely familiar with these environments — and therefore may be a survivor of Balhae’s original team.

“What they stumbled upon in the first place, however, was a pile of corpses, whose veined complexions and mouths frothing at the mouth hinted at an inevitable, if puzzling, situation: everyone in Balhae seemed to drowned.”

Xenomorph is nowhere to be found Serene, but in many other respects, Choi’s series follows in the good footsteps of its predecessor Cameron, right down to the family dynamics that develop between Han, Song, and the longtime resident of Balhae. Alas, it never really indulged in the “frightening mayhem” Alien—Not Terrified Of Ridley Scott’s Horror Night Alien. Instead, it teases bombshells that normally explode. Sporadic flashbacks of Han caring for his ailing daughter (i.e. why he took on this mission in the first place) and Song’s investigation into his older sister’s scientific work Her death helps to deepen the main characters, though not to the extent that people care much about the oh- bad plot they uncover during their moon stay.

SereneThe revelation of Balhae’s purpose raises an ethical question the show is not prepared to confront. Thus, even its large end is omitted by the very complexity that would make it stand out among so many critically acclaimed sci-fi works. For all the heart and intensity that Gong and Bae bring to their roles, their Han and Song are just space heroes, trying to save the world while grappling with difficult situations. individual treatment and private demons. Though leaning towards modern ecological disaster, their story is a handsome re-read but inherently soggy.

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