The ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ post-credits scene has a Cat-astrophic connotation

This article contains minor vandalism Matrix Recovery

The MCU helped popularize the movie’s credits scenes. These traditionally tell us what the studio has planned next: introducing new characters or revealing a plot that will succeed in the future. Matrix Recovery there’s one too – and it’s perfectly fitting for a movie that spends surprisingly long hours amusing the set system.

The first act of Revival devoted to Neo’s new life in the Matrix, where he is a video game developer best known for the ‘Matrix’ trilogy games. As we begin, he’s pressured to make a fourth installment, joining a roundtable with some very annoying characters as they ponder how to best update the franchise.

And so, after the credits, we don’t get a hint as to where Neo’s adventures will take him next but… more discussion of where the next place will take place. Matrix To be. Their conclusion: “The Catrix,” combines adorable cats with bullet time action. I can’t deny their idea is not a money machine, but let’s face it, it’s just a silly joke not directed at any future projects.

Of course, Revival had a cute cat that played a surprisingly important role in the plot. Neil Patrick Harris’ Analysis has a black cat named Déjà vu. This refers to the scene from the first movie and seems to travel around with him – although Neo has a particular dislike for what it represents.

Matrix Recovery is proving extremely divisive and I hope it will be debated for many years. You can now watch it in theaters or via HBO Max.

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