Unused James Bond plot that IO Interactive could use for Project 007

This year IO Interactive, the studio behind the hit song Killer series, announced Project 007. This is new The Adventures of James Bond will explore the early days of Bond’s career as an agent. Considering the developer’s proven track record with stealth action gameplay, fans have little to worry about that the game will have a great look and gameplay. One mystery surrounding the game, however, is whether it draws inspiration from earlier material.

As seen in many James Bond films, from Connery to Craig, plots often adapt many of Ian Fleming’s original Bond novels and short stories. However, even with 25 movies to date and some video games, there are still some classic stories that have not been used. IO Interactive want it or not Project 007 are still fully original to be viewed, but some unused stories could provide an interesting background and story setting for Bond’s next quest.


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