Varsity Jackets, Baggy Jeans Among Top Men’s Searches in 2021 – WWD

What style do men look for the most in 2021?

According to Trendalytics, the most trending searches among men this year include crossbody bags, work shirts, flats and baggy jeans, but trending searches are led by varsity jackets.

The Varsity jacket has been adopted by the fashion industry, appearing in recent collections by Tyler the Creator, brands Golf Wang, Off-White, Vetements and Saint Laurent, the report said.

It seems that varsity jackets never go out of style. Hedi Slimane introduced the Saint Laurent black bomber jacket with white shoulder details that have appeared in different iterations in different brands, but more colorful uniform styles in other brands. Modern, high-fashion and fast-fashion brands have helped propel the trend.

Trendalytics tracked general Google searches globally throughout the year to find out what comes to mind for men when it comes to style. They measured the most trending searches by search volume and percentage increase over last year. For example, searches for varsity jackets are up 149 percent in 2020 and are 3 million compared to searches last year.

Crossbody bags are among the next highest searched items, up 63% year over year, just as searches for work shirts, crossbody bags or coats are up 185%, searches up 316% and searches for baggy jeans increased by 81%.

Trendalytics explains that crossbody bag searches may have increased due to the rise of utilitarian and elevated streetwear styles, noting “gorpcore” or outdoor style as the driving force for searches. Looking for work shirts and crossbody bags increased.

Finally, baggy jeans are seen by Trendalytics as a casual, comfortable style that is seen as a transition from sweaty and casual wear during lockdown, but also a reminder of Y2K fashion is emerging as a new trend among Generation Z consumers on TikTok.

Some other popular searches of the year outside of menswear include Telfar bags, “Squid Game” and NFTs. Bushwick Birkin will be a trending topic on Twitter virtually every Thursday this year as there’s a fresh drop and searches for this style are up 253 percent compared to 2020 (6 million searches). sword); “Squid Game,” the popular Netflix series, is the top culture search topic with over 181 million searches, and searches for NFT, another culture search topic, are up 2,098% year over year. last year (up 4.3 million searches).

Trendalytics is a Google search usage predictive and retail analytics platform trend, social media and e-commerce market data to predict trend. Varsity Jackets, Baggy Jeans Among Top Men’s Searches in 2021 – WWD

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