Vincent D’Onofrio on Kingpin Future And If Daredevil Is Canon

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Hawk EyeThe finale is just out, but Marvel’s trove of rumors never stops, especially when it comes to the show’s secret star Vincent D’Onofrio, who was recently asked about his thoughts on the show. return to this role and what the future holds for Kingpin.

While D’Onofrio is still puzzling over many details, he has given some insight into his big comeback in Hawk Eye, it was only in early 2021 that he was first approached by Kevin Feige to re-enact his outstanding Kingpin portrait. The interview covers everything between Kingpin’s slight makeover, his abilities, and what the MCU can do with the character in light of Kingpin. Hawk EyeThe exciting season is over.


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Naturally, one of the big topics on the table was determining whether Daredevil is canon for MCU, the actor said, “They are trying their best to keep Daredevil as part of a classic… [however] It won’t always be 100%. There are so many connections between the dots that Marvel is really good at. However, he has confessed that he plays Wilson Fisk exactly the same way he did 4 years ago. Talk about Kingpin’s fate in Hawk Eye, D’Onofrio pointed to Marvel Comics as the source for a moment he considers highly emotional to define his character’s relationship with his niece, Maya Lopez.

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